Landscape photo of Lake Toplitz and the changing of the seasons

Fly Fishing Austria

Fly fishing in Austria can provide a fly angler with legendary landscapes, aggressive takes, and hungry fish. It is amazing how dauntless the cold water river inhabitants are and how, with such furry, they eat your flies. With indiscriminate reckless abandon, these Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Grayling (among others) hurl themselves at your submerged artistic offerings and signal their presence by slapping a severe bend onto your fly rod.

The flies of choice for the Beaver Ponds.

Unconfirmed Rumors?

Tomorrow we would hike down off the mountain and continue further into the wilderness to try our luck for Rainbows at a secret beaver pond complex that few people knew about. They called it ‘Complex B’. It was rumored that within this beaver pond complex, lurked monstrous and freakishly sized Rainbows and Brook Trout. Our mission was to see what was there – to check it out, to confirm or debunk the rumors.